The Way Of Love

2 thoughts on “The Way Of Love”

  1. Being also an INC member since birth, I have the feeling that we share the same beliefs and conclusions even though I have not read all your articles in full. The only difference is that I am still inside the church but no longer performing my duties as an officer. I may eventually go the same route as you but for now, I think I’m still part of the group of “watchmen” or “bantay” whom Bro. Elias Arkanghel (INC Hinirang) has pointed out to be still in the church performing the critical task of providing counsel to innocent brethren who happen to be unaware of what is happening in the church.


  2. The number that no longer perform as officers is slowly increasing. There are even some ministers that are taking the route of medical leave. There is going to be a trainwreck that will hit brethren if they aren’t prepared. It is called The Great Tribulation (Matt 24:15 & 21, Dan 12:11). This is where our faith will be severely tested.

    The likes of Jethro Samson, Russelyn Balason, Edwin Embry, etc will be in for a rude awakening when Judgment Day comes. “Defending the faith” does not involve posting pictures of scantily clad women. Just because one’s name is on an R2-01 doesn’t mean salvation is guaranteed.


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