EDUARDO V. MANALO And The EVM Administration CONTINUES To Use The Bible To Deceive The Entire Church (Part 2)

One thought on “EDUARDO V. MANALO And The EVM Administration CONTINUES To Use The Bible To Deceive The Entire Church (Part 2)”

  1. Even during EGM’s time, it has always been the policy and practice to include the family of a member who is being expelled. But there’s a distinction: only the unmarried children are included. I remember one time when I was questioning why 2 kids actively attending the CWS had to be delisted too when their parents got expelled. If I remember correctly, I was told that it was part of the discipline and besides, no one except the parents have the legal right to be responsible for the children’s spiritual well-being. But what should be noted is that the discipline was meant to teach the parents a lesson so that they will learn from their mistake and exert efforts to come back. I clearly remember an instance in our locale when grandparents legally adopted their delisted CWS granddaughter just so she could stay in the church. She grew up to be an active, God-fearing INC member loved by all whereas her single mother was not able to return to the fold at all. Sadly, the 2 kids I was fighting for eventually got baptized on their own when they became adults but then got delisted for forsaking the worship services and doubting the INC doctrines. To me, I interpret that to mean that EGM could see through what was in the hearts of people but there was always love even if he had to mete out punishment. And however stubborn I was in sticking to my principles, I always submitted to EGM’s authority and wisdom because he never betrayed my trust in him. That’s the big difference between him and EVM – CREDIBILITY!!!


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