DEFENDING THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST Is Grounds For Expulsion Under The EVM Administration

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  1. Dear AE, since you’ve already revealed your identity to your cousin and presumably to other officers of the Church, why not include all of us…your readers, fans, fellow Defenders of our beloved Church? This would put to rest once and for all the speculations that resulted in more stress. As of this writing, Ka Angel and some others have already been transferred to Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig. HIs life is at risk. Let us all come out in the open and save the brethren and the Church. Expose the evil that surrounds the current church leadership in the media especially foreign media that’s more fair. It’s high time to act.

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      1. Which one are you in the picture? I salute you brother, just like the others (especially the younger, enlightened ones ) for fighting for your principles with great fortitude. I hope you continue putting your prolific writing skills to good use. I look forward to regularly reading your blogs starting with your formal introduction of yourself and your background. If I may suggest, why not offer your site as a forum for intelligent discussions in search of the truth but being extra careful to sanitize it from inappropriate comments. Mabuhay and Godspeed!

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  2. I’m surprised why you voluntarily revealed yourself to them unless you think you will be more effective with your mission by doing so. It is obvious that their main justification in expelling you is on a technicality, i.e. causing division in the church. This is the same reason they used in expelling Ka Teny and her other children. The mantra is “always obey and never complain” because to them, EVM is anointed by God, hence, “infallible”. Unlike in the US where Trump, who displays similar erratic behavior and decisions as EVM, can be checked by well-entrenched democratic institutions, there are no such counter-checks in the INC except perhaps during the time of EGM when he himself welcomed complaints and suggestions especially from well-meaning brethren for the betterment of the church. I myself have experienced EGM’s humility and acknowledgment of fallibility in a number of occasions. But unlike him, EVM, who pales in comparison with his predecessor, is bent on perpetuating the myth of his infallibility, by simply getting rid of any member who opposes him and his decisions/actions. But let us not forget that we also have a stake in the church that we so dearly love and so the challenge for us is to hold on to our membership while at the same time looking for and capitalizing on technicalities that will allow us to fulfill our duties as watchmen protecting the church from corruptions or anomalies. It is said that “education is the great equalizer” which opens doors of opportunity for all. And as we await God’s promise to put things in order, I will extend this expression to mean that “being educated in Gods words through FYM and EGM is the great equalizer” for brethren like you, me and many more to stand up for our rights and send a message to EVM that he is fallible and that he is not king nor lord but in fact, a servant-leader who is “servant first, shares power, and puts the needs of others first so they can develop and perform as highly as possible”.

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    1. 1 Thess 4:16-17 – Rev 20:4 is those who are part of the dead in Christ and Rev 7:14-17 are the alive. Rev 20:11-13 are the final judgment. A lot of INC members are biblically ignorant (there is still more yet).


  3. Dear David,

    It’s Sebastian Rauffenburg.

    It’s been awhile but I wanted to let you know that I commend your courage for revealing your identity. I can understand that times are very difficult for you for the moment, but rest assured our Resurrected Savior, Jesus our Lord and King is with you day in day out. If I may be allowed to share an old edited version of an article I wrote in late 2015 titled, “DIOTREPHES (Διοτρέφης – a case study) by Sebastian Rauffenburg.” I hope it may give you clarity and encouragement knowing that you have chosen to follow Jesus Christ our Lord and Resurrected King.

    Greetings from Sebastian Rauffenburg,

    A very long time ago, there was a first Century Church Administrator, of a church mentioned in the Bible who is the antithesis of what the Church Administration should be; his name was Diotrephes (dee-ot-ref-ace’):

    “I wrote something to the church, but Diotrephes, who loves to have first place among them, does not receive us. This is why, if I come, I will remind him of the works he is doing, slandering us with malicious words. And he is not satisfied with that! He not only refuses to welcome the brothers himself, but he even stops those who want to do so and expels them from the church. ” 3 John 1:9,10 (Holman Christian Standard Bible)

    In only two very short verses, we have the following statements made by Apostle John about Diotrephes a Supervising Minister of this first century church of Christ:

    1) Diotrephes loves to be first;
    2) Diotrephes refuses to welcome the brethren into the church;
    3) Diotrephes maliciously spreads gossip about men of God;
    4) Diotrephes refuses to welcome (assist/help) other Christians and members of the church;
    5) And if you welcome (assist/help) or show hospitality (assistance/aide) to other Christians; Diotrephes EXPELS them.

    Diotrephes (dee-ot-ref-ace’) was a proud and arrogant man who loved the preeminence: being first and prominent in all things over the body of Christ. His attitude was surely a hindrance to the body of Christ, but more of a pressing issue was that his arrogance was in direct conflict to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, who in all things has the preeminence, including his body, the church.

    Diotrephes (dee-ot-ref-ace’) did not recognize the true biblical authority in Paul’s letters, and even kept the words inspired by God away from the members of the church in favor of his wicked words. His arrogance didn’t stop there, he also refused to welcome other brothers in fellowship/worship service, and if there were people in the congregation who disagreed and wanted to fellowship with these brothers, Diotrephes (dee-ot-ref-ace’) would excommunicate (expel) them. Diotrephes (dee-ot-ref-ace’) was obviously a leader who abusively used his influence to lord it over, and exercise dominion over the body of Christ.


    Regarding what to do about a church leader like Diotrephes, John the Apostle offers this instruction:

    Beloved, “follow not that which is evil, but that which is good. He that doeth good is of God: but he that doeth evil hath not seen God.” – 3 John 1:11 KJV

    The Lord’s instruction to the beloved Gaius was, “Beloved, follow not that which is evil, but that which is good.” That was the unquestionable will of God and those first century members of the Church of Christ should not have followed or obeyed their most prominent leader commands and demands, they should have obeyed God rather than a human being (Acts 5:29 NIV).

    Praise be unto God there were some during the time of Diotrephes’ administration that were willing to “obey God rather than a human being” (Acts 5:29 NIV) and suffer for the cause of Christ and His Word and be wrongfully expelled, rather than follow Diotrephes’ commands. Apostle John’s letter and heed to Gaius proves without a doubt, that no human being (including the Iglesia Ni Cristo Church Administration) can demand absolute obedience the way that our Heavenly Father (God) can. As soon as that line is crossed, the will of God is to, “follow not that which is evil, but that which is good….” (3 John 1:11 KJV) That line is crossed when human beings command OBEDIENCE that belongs to God.

    Therefore it is an erroneous teaching, if any human being (including the Executive Minister), demands you obey him (i.e. “Obey the Executive Minister”). Why? The Executive Minister is only a human instrument of God, He has no right to demand or command your obedience which is exclusive to the only true God, our Heavenly Father. Why not?

    Because when you obey the human being in the area of God’s will or His commandments instead of God directly, you automatically take away the absolute obedience that belongs exclusively to God. For it was testified by Peter and the apostles, “We must obey God rather than human beings! – Acts 5:29 NIV .


    Let’s not forget that 3 John 1:11 is a clear indication that the church Minister/Leader Diotrephes was committing evil acts, such as wrongful expulsions within the church. The Lord’s instructions were simply to “not follow that kind of evil”.

    Furthermore, we all know being expelled from the church is tremendously painful, and being wrongfully expelled is even more horrific, as it indicates a serious gross violation of God’s will on the subject by the Church Administration. Let’s remember the example of the apostles, who were beaten by the religious leaders, and afterward “departed from the presence of the Sanhedrin, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for His name.” (Acts 5:41) Suffering for Jesus Christ brings the reward of being a joint heir with Him (Romans 8:17), and in this case it also carries the benefit of not being in Diotrephes’ church, and therefore not becoming complicit in countless ways with Diotrephes’ sins.

    The Old Testament warned us a long time ago when it comes to God’s commandments not to trust human beings, and for the obvious reasons. The Psalmist was very clear that we should obey the LORD God almighty not human beings.

    “Do not look to nobles, nor to mere human beings who cannot save.” – Psalm 146:3 ISV

    In the New Testament, the same message was still in effect. Peter and the apostles were clear that we should “obey God rather than human beings.” (Acts 5:29 NIV) Do you see a familiar pattern here? No human being (including our Church Administration) can demand absolute obedience the way that our Heavenly Father (God) can.

    In this present day and age we have:


    The Iglesia ni Cristo believes that every member of the Church is duty-bound to obey the Church Administration because it is God’s commandment (Hebrews 13:17)

    Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they watch over your souls as those who must give an account. To this end, allow them to lead with joy and not with grief, for that would be of no advantage to you. (Hebrews 13:17)

    *This erroneous “Obey the Executive Minister” teaching is based on a inaccurate English translation of (obey) in Hebrews 13:17 that did not capture the mood/intent/nuance of the term, (peithó) in the Greek text precisely and a direct violation of other passages in the Bible.

    For there will be a time when they will not endure sound teaching, but according to their own desires, having an itching ear, they will gather around them teachers to suit themselves,
    2 Timothy 4:3 Berean Literal Bible

    Do not obey human beings who cannot save you.


    The more “ONE WITH EVM” propaganda being implemented by the Executive Minister, the more focus is placed on himself, a human being rather than the Sovereign God. Does this glorify our Heavenly Father?

    They no longer listen to the Old Testament Prophets, nor to the New Testament Apostles. They who are “ONE WITH EVM” no longer listen to the sound doctrine to obey God rather than human beings who cannot save you. (Acts 5:29 NIV, Psalm 143:3, 2 Tim. 4:3)

    For there will be a time when they will not endure sound teaching, but according to their own desires, having an itching ear, they will gather around them teachers to suit themselves (2 Timothy 4:3 Berean Literal Bible)

    Why are they looking to the Church Administration, when we should be focusing on the Creator, the Heavenly Father? Can the human being, Eduardo V. Manalo save you? No, he cannot.

    The Psalmist said, “Do not look to nobles, nor to mere human beings who cannot save.” – Psalm 146:3 ISV

    May God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and peace,

    S. Rauffenburg
    Baruch Atah Adonai (Blessed art thou oh God)

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    1. Sebastian,

      It has indeed been some time since our last correspondence. I greatly appreciate your words of encouragement and will take time in the not-to-distant future to carefully scrutinize and research your message with greater hurry.

      However, at the time being, as you would imagine, it is a trying and testing time. All I ask is that you keep my families and our households in your prayers.

      God bless and Godspeed.

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  4. Dear bro. onewithgodandchrist – I & my family was a victim of your loving cousin. He reported me & my family to our own district minister end of last year. They called me up for an interrogation but I respectfully decline because as you mentioned, they deflect & change subject if asked for a direct biblical answer, I refuse to waste 2-3hrs of my life on fruitless conversation. At this point I have no idea if I’m expelled or not because since the beginning of 2017 everyone ex-communicated us. Ministers, deacons, friends, family are no where to be found. They also stopped all committee, visitation efforts, them telling us “what’s the point?”
    God bless you for your courage and indeed, none of us is perfect, may God have mercy on us all.


    1. Miko,

      I’m so sorry you had to go through such a level of disconnection. Also, I empathize and sympathize with your experience with regards to my loving cousin. Although I know and suspect you’ve been strengthened by this experience and no longer need my sympathy. Needless to say, I can relate to your experience. It’s a sad state of affairs. And I was troubled by the level of EVM fanaticism. But, we keep going and keep moving forward.

      Thanks for your courage as well. And let’s continue to encourage one another with the spirit of the gospel of Christ.

      God bless and Godspeed.


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