Is Bloc Voting Biblical?

4 thoughts on “Is Bloc Voting Biblical?”

  1. A very good post about “unity in voting.” I really became suspicious with that doctrine after the mess broke out within the church, especially after I found out from my parents that bloc voting was not allowed in other countries.

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  2. The Church block voting is originated from our Sugo down to the present Admin. I remember my letter which was I myself brought it to central office at the time of Brother Erdy. Even in the time of Christ and his Apostle, there were no such things that the government practicing and exercising voting system for their public official, they are all appointed. What i suggested to ka Erdy, if you want to continue the doctrine from our sugo, block voting system into this Church you should avoid any verses in the Bible to quote. It is just a principle, that every organization there must be unity. And that unity is an only reason why the church have had bloc voting, nothing else. As I said in my letter, ka Erdy, if you want that our minister safe and sound to temptation for money, you make an announcement (sercular) in our worship service, that our brethren should be the one can make a decision to vote in an election period. But now, all things was changed because of your post, if the present Administration have a plan to change our doctrinal belief, I think the doctrine of bloc voting must be included.

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  3. They tried this in American elections 20 years ago, we were handed out “Flyers” telling people who to vote for and if we did not we were breaking with the “Church Administration” and could lose our salvation (Southern California District). Thank God Bush beat Dole, but the Church told us to vote for Dole and several very Liberal items up for Laws which did not align with God’s Word, but benefited the Southern California District. I wonder if the EGM even knew what he was supporting back then as he did not seem the type to support such Liberalism as he weighed so much on God’s word?

    So, question is, if an immoral “Order” from the District was an order from God? I am glad I did not follow its guidance, but researched items for myself and voted my conscience. this also happened in the Pacific NW and across the US, but was not portrayed as “Bloc” voting as that is illegal here in the US. How corrupt has the INC been in other countries in the political landscape?

    Thank God, he gave us a “Free Will” and he loves us and forgives us even if we do wrong, unlike the Administration today.

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